Brand Development

Othello, established in 1888 in Solingen, Germany, the world-renowned “City of Blades”, was one of the few kitchen brands with more than 100 years history and pure Germany heritage in the industry. In 2015,Master Group acquire Othello as a wholly owned subsidiary.Following this, Othello, in the name of“欧德罗”, was officially available to Chinese customers. Through a strategy of experiential marketing including Experience stores and Community Stores, Othello will build a nationwide distribution and sales system that will form the basis for global expansion.

Othello now operates under the clear and compelling brand positioning, ‘Creating Time; Creating Goodness’. This combined with the German essence of design as well as German precision quality, will allow Othello to provide a one-stop kitchen solution for Chinese families. Due to the rapid pace of life in today’s China, Chinese, who are well-known for placing importance on family values, are more eager to find time to spend with the people and things they love. Through this immediate time savings, Chinese families will, create true goodness in their life. For this reason, Othello crafts time-creation into each one of its products. From something as simple as cookware and cabinets, to as complex as apps and appliances, to the extraordinary Othello Intelligent-Ecosystem, these all offer a way for the consumer to work smarter and faster. With Othello every Chinese family will have more time to enjoy life and create goodness for their loved ones and even for the world!

Brand Concept

1.Creating time